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Ramp: a two-way street connecting you to the world, and the world to you

ramp setupMany of us need and utilize ramps. Wheelchair users are the most common people that benefit from the use of a ramp. Other users include those of us who navigate with a cane, brace, crutches, walker, or artificial joints. Frequently those of us who have balance concerns find a ramp easier than stairs. Adding a ramp is an inviting way to help your friends and family visit, come over for cards and join you for the holidays. Offering others the gift of easy access to your home clearly says you want to socialize, connect with, and find value in their participation in your life. Ramps help you and your loved ones maintain your dignity, safety, and independence while keeping the social connections that research shows are needed for a healthy life at any age.

Ramps connect you to your friends and family. Ramps bring your friends, family and your community to you.

You can choose modular ramps to lower your risks entering and exiting your home and garage. You can use threshold ramps inside your home to remove floor level changes that are a trip risk. Portable ramps provide an option for a party, a visitor to your home, for you to visit others and for traveling. Portable ramps are convenient to move materials safely across soft ground, over curbs, or up/down a patio or deck. Portable ramps simplify movement in the home during temporary use of a cast, walker, wheelchair, or if there are sunken floors.

You can do your own quick estimate or online price comparison for any of our ramps by visiting the Free Estimates page on the site. We also offer an extensive FAQ on ramp selection, planning, installation and use. Click here for help in visualizing and estimating a ramp for your specific home.

The term wheelchair ramp is somewhat deceiving. Ramps benefit all of us with accessibility challenges whether we are in or out of a wheelchair. A great number of our clients now install our wheelchair ramps to enable safe ascent and descent of stairways. Studies indicate that the anxiety we may experience with some stairs or pathways may be an attempt to keep us safe. 'According to research, an elder can develop a fear of falling even if a fall hasn't occurred, which can increase anxiety and increases the risk for falls. If this fear isn't addressed, it can lead to social isolation and a sedentary lifestyle1.' Our clients often understand that fall prevention is a successful strategy to avoid unnecessary hospital visits and maintain happy, safe mobility. Is it really that important? The answer is YES it is. The CDC states 'Among older adults (those 65 or older), falls are the leading cause of injury death. They are also the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma.'

The good news is you can easily side step these risks by planning ahead and leveraging professionals such as Ramps for Aging In My Place Mobility Services LLC. We are committed to assisting our customers to improve their quality of life by preserving dignity, independence, mobility and socialization. Let our trained staff address your mobility concerns with a variety of safe ADA compliant ramps and mobility equipment solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our AIMPS - Specialist will assess your circumstances and provide a recommended solution for your review and alterations. Once you are satisfied with the plan our experienced personnel will deliver and install the equipment you require. Our team will ensure you are satisfied with and understand all equipment.



"My new ramp allows me to get in and out of my home safely. Thank you for giving me back my independence"
  -Joy K.

"My new ramp is a lifesaver. I can now enter and exit my home without being afraid of falling."
  -Debbie M. Rochester Hills, MI

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