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Professional Organizer

Being organized means different things to different people and acknowledging this has been the key to the success of RAMPS for Aging In My Place Mobility Services. Everyone has their own organizing style and uncovering what your organizing style is will allow us to tailor how you organize everything in your home or office to fit that style. When people can't stay organized, it isn't because THEY have failed. It is because the SYSTEM they are using has failed!

We work with families and seniors to create organized systems and help them through the process of ridding themselves of things they no longer need, creating organized, clean and simple spaces.

As transition specialists, we have a profound commitment to helping older adults transition from their former residence to a new one. With the gentle and expert guidance of experienced, downsizing professionals, you and your family are able to make key decisions without the emotional and physical distress that can accompany this change, often avoiding costly mistakes and remorse that can accompany such major lifestyle transitions. We take the worry (and the work!) out of the move process, letting you simply enjoy your existing or new home!

Why should I use a professional organizer and transition specialist?

Professional organizers and transition specialists have specialized training in creating plans and assisting you in becoming organized or downsizing to a smaller residence.

They then carry out those plans at a pace that suits you. If you are downsizing, we work with your new home's floor plan to ensure that all of your possessions will fit and be well organized. Whether home or office, just a closet or a desk, a whole house or even a garage, there is a system just for you and we will be right there with you to craft it!

How do you design a plan that fits just me?

We create simple spaces in your home and in your life because we are passionate about working with people who want more time, more peace and less stress to live their best life! And like any other professional service, finding the organizer and transition specialist that can understand and communicate with you is crucial to meeting your goals. We always do an initial consultation that allows us to meet, to talk over your goals, your timelines and listen carefully to what is important to you. We answer all your questions and help you decide on the course of action that suits you best. This allows us both to decide if we are a good fit. We are never judgmental or critical and realize you are seeking a partner to encourage and motivate you towards a more organized life.

What happens after you create the customized plan?

Once we have a plan that suits your needs and timeline, we begin working with you at your pace, all the while making definitive progress towards the goals you wanted to accomplish. You decide what days and times you want us to work and we continually evaluate if the system is meeting your needs or if we need to rethink our strategy.

What if I don't have the time to meet in person?

To accommodate busy lives, we have a variety of options that you can take advantage of from one-on-one hands-on, developing a plan you can carry out yourself or virtual e-organizing by telephone, computer or even Skype. In the coming months, we will unveil monthly teleclasses that can be viewed live or through archives that will give you the tools for designing a plan. We cater to our client's requests and special needs, whatever they may be. Each client receives a confidential, customized plan specifically for the organizing needs and requests.

Are there other services that you offer? Yes!

Corporate, professional, home office, mobile office?

Business responsibilities create a variety of different and specialized organizing needs and so much time and productivity can be lost when things are unorganized. Whether in the office, at home or on the road, there is an organizing system that will work for your type of profession or home responsibilities. We specialize in designing unique, creative office spaces which will allow you to spend more time working and less time staying organized!

Clutter Elimination for Safety?

Many nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities call us to do a pre-release assessment for clients whose mobility has changed, such as having to use a walker or wheelchair. We create clutter-free zones for easier and safer movement.

When a person has passed away?

We have assisted attorneys, estate representatives, senior residence facilities and relatives in closing the home of a person who has passed away. This is especially helpful to relatives who live out of town.

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